Mediation is an acknowledged conflict-solving procedure that achieves mutual solutions via respectful and constructive communication between the conflicting parties.
The mediator supports this communication using approved techniques.
The basic principles of mediation are the following:

  • Personal responsibility taken by the participating parties for the mediation process 
  • Impartiality
  • Voluntary participation 

The result of the mediation depends exclusively on the participating parties.

The mediator sets the boundaries and conditions of the talk. He/she supports each party in formulating and articulating their own needs in order to reach a solution.

Each party can interrupt or end the process at any time. In case legal matters must be resolved, the mediator will stop the process and advise the parties to obtain legal counsel.

Many costly conflicts that would otherwise end up in court can be resolved instead through mediation.

We will gladly guide you through the mediation process in the fields of corporate law, inheritance law and real estate law.