Traditional and Modern Family Law

Family law is a field that is becoming ever broader and more complex. There are many long-established issues and situations that can be dealt with based on personal experience and practical know-how. However, there are also new legal questions and family constellations that require empathy and creativity, i.e. to protect members of a patchwork family and to modify their rights according to their wishes. There are also new challenges involved in making international family relations legally effective.

To cover these new challenges, we offer the following special kinds of contracts:

Contract for Life Partners:

A contract for life partners amicably regulates the legal aspects of the couple’s life together during and after the end of the partnership. Particularly if you want to protect yourself legally in case of a separation from your partner, it is advisable to have a written contract.

The following issues can be covered in a contract:

  • Splitting of living expenses 
  • Collaboration in the partner’s earnings 
  • Agreement on alimony 
  • Right of residence

Additionally, you can grant powers of attorney to the partner in the contract. Another very important issue is the power of attorney for health care; this will be treated separately later on.

Prenuptial Agreement

In case a married couple does not wish the marriage to be governed by conventional marital property law or wishes to regulate the legal consequences of a possible divorce, they are entitled to put their marriage on a different legal basis in some areas via a prenuptial agreement.

In case of a divorce it is often not possible to determine which properties and savings were acquired during the marriage and which existed previously. In order to avoid disputes about the division of marital assets, a prenuptial agreement is advisable because it describes and testifies to the situation at the time it was concluded. All agreements concerning the splitting of savings or the marital home have to be regulated via a notarial deed. All other agreements on the splitting of the common marital assets need to be made in written form.

You can conclude either a prenuptial agreement or, after the wedding, a marriage contract.

Contract of Adoption

An adoption is based on a written contract between the adoptive parents and the adopted child and has to be approved by the court.

We will gladly draft the necessary contracts according to your wishes and needs as determined in a detailed consultation.